Go Bingo Games!

There are a lot of games that you may enjoy if you wish to have a little fun in gambling. One of the most basic and common game is Bingo. You may know this game where there are numbers dictated and you will need to mark it off your bingo card and you win your prize.

For a deeper dive in this game, it actually has different types of patterns that you can win from. Of course, it’s not always a blackout round where you need to have all the numbers in your card called before you win.

Here are some of the patterns in Bingo that you need to accomplish for you to be announced as the winner:

1. Diagonal

This simply means that you need to have your numbers marked in any diagonal pattern in your card. This can be any diagonal pattern.

2. Horizontal

Same as diagonal and it can be any row in your card.

3. Vertical

Any set of numbers in a vertical pattern.

4. Any outside line

Somehow similar to the vertical pattern, but it has to be on the last row on the right side of your card or the last row in the left side of your card.

5. Band or Railroad

You will win in this pattern if the numbers in your outside lines are all marked. This time, both lines should all be marked as it mimics the image of a railroad.

6. Block of 6

In this pattern, you will need to have numbers that are together in a block. It should be 6 numbers, 3 numbers on both sides.

7. Block of 9

Almost the same with the block of 6. But instead, it should be 3 numbers in 3 columns which are beside each other.

Once you were able to accomplish any of these patterns, never forget to shout “Bingo!” and claim your prize with joy.


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