We all seem to forget things once in a while, and as we grow older, it happens more often. That is because our brain deteriorates as we grow older and there has been studies that proves people with more active minds live longer.

Gambling for a Healthy Mind

Some exercises that will be good for your brain are card games. Though I would recommend going to the casino once in a while for recreation, some games like slots and roulettes doesn’t do much help since these kinds of games run on luck and don’t require any thinking. So here are the games that you can try:


This is a card game that requires intense concentration, analytical skills, guts and psychology. You need to anticipate what cards you might or might not receive while thinking what your opponents might be holding. You need to profile your opponent (hence the phrase “poker face” came from) thus allowing all the parts of your brain working nonstop.


Blackjack requires a good memory. It requires anticipation, intuition, good math, and good strategy on how you can beat your dealer.

There also has been a trend in Japan wherein they use gambling as a way to treat or prevent Dementia in older people. Though they use fake money in mahjong and baccarat, they believe that it suppresses early signs of the disease. It also encourages interaction that prevents depression.

In the UK, they allow private gaming in retirement homes like bingo as long as it is done in private. There is no need for a license or a permit and no fees should be collected from the players.
Again, though gambling has been proven to help the brain it is also good to have a pinch of discipline and control and to mind your gambling so as to avoid losing big and being buried in huge debts.